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The Pug

Just back from 10 day trip to Bandhavgarh & Kanha. While photographically it may not have been the best of trip, and given weather played foul as well. However, the thrill of finding a tiger in the cold winters does still has its own charm.
This pic was shot on the last safari of the trip, and for some unknown reason I felt to process this one first.
The reason for calling it “The Pug” is the picture captures what essentially leaves the pug-marks; the same pug-marks that not only helps in tracking these wonderful cats but also pushes the adrenalines of a photographer.

D4S 0232

Captain Blooddrunk

Upon seeing the headless body of his own young son, the captain breaks rank. He goes wild, blood-drunk. The captain’s cries of pain at the loss of his young son are more frightening to the enemy than the deepest battle drums. It takes three men to restrain him and bring him back to our own. The day is ours; no songs are sung.

This pic somehow always has reminded me of the engrossing scene from the movie 300.

Watch both the pic and the movie on full screen to see the blood dropping.


One Winter Afternoon

I have woken up; quite sloshed
From night-mingled rains
A little drugged, by mountain fogs
I have been kidnapped
For years; by a mere kiss.

~ Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

D810 06499

What’s up hommie??

May be that’s what he intended to say.

Monkeys are very expressive animals and it is an absolute fun to watch them. Apart from having a very intricate social structure, they are a direct lineage from old world monkeys. In fact, apart from humans, macaques are most widespread primate genus.

Here is a curious one who spent good time watching a fellow trying to do something with a long barrel like thing pointed at it.

D810 01459