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Over the passage of time, the jungle tends to choose its own course. It has an intimate and intricate way to giving the pedestal to the mightiest. As the equilibrium must be kept, so must the nature oblige this selection of the jungle.

As the destiny was written in rocks, a mighty father and a protective mother gives away their soil to their bravest gene. Even if Darwin may have been wrong with his natural selection theory, Mother Nature is never wrong to hand the baton to the strongest.

The young grew, mightier by the moment. Tales were being told of a new hero, a new story was being written in the scripture of the forest. Seasons flew by.

And then dryness of summer, got the lingering smell of wet woods, which had a new stench. And also new footprints. Someone has chosen to step inside the walls where destiny has sealed fates. Death by choice as they call in our world.

Hide and seek play continued, and so did the increasing presence of a line which wasn’t a part of this story. It was not a new story, some one has chosen to write a new book in itself, which will define the future of the forest. Winter came, the fire of the forest bloomed again, and yet the game of light and shadow continued. He didn’t want the spotlight, neither he was after fame. All he was looking for was a legacy.

The fire inside him burned brighter than the darkness of impossibilities around him. The blurred timelines of the forest was playing a new hand, no one ever had read what was coming.

It never was easy, neither he was looking to win easily. He fought, survived, fought again. And then when everyone was tired at sundown, he fought again. He truly believed, what if he had just one day to live and he fought like the same. The Darwin laws had played its part. The Mother Nature threw in her trump card. The destiny on the rocks were being scrubbed off with new paws.

We will never be bestowed with the clarity on the uncertainty. Why and how, will always end with question marks. After all stories have heroes. Legends have legacies.

He definitely has a number; however we just love to call him Matkasur.