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Being Me

I am strength by action; not by risk.

I am a thespian by shrewd play; not by happening.

When you slept and enjoyed the hourglass of beingness, I have spread myself in the darkest corners.

I don’t hold time for you or for your time or your dump!

You laugh at my experience today; you will have sleepless night to guess how I am going to end this.

Today you sit fighting dogma of a normal life; my life starts beyond the comfort zone. Right where your ends.

You don’t even have courage to venture where I have molded myself.

Yes I am proud, I am self-praising and I am a narcissist. And why not?? There is no one to outperform me.

I am raw, I am inhumane, I am overt.

I am living factual, I am hero and fortified!!

I am myself.

I am me.

I am being me!

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Like A Train

Be like a train; go in the rain, go in the sun, go in the storm, go in the dark tunnels! Be like a train; concentrate on your road and go with no hesitation!

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Africa. As I saw it.

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The large one in their small world

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Celebrate. Have Gratitude.

Being born is a miracle. Your existence is entirely dependent upon endless coincidences that happened. And also the ones that could have happened. There is a reason you are here.

Celebrate. Have gratitude.

Random Thoughts Self Musings

Strengths & Weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Even the greatest among us have shortcomings, and those limited in their capacities have strengths. There’s no point in comparing your shortcomings with the virtues of others. Those others might believe they could never match you in certain ways.

The Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi’s “Autumn Floods” says: The one-footed yak wished it were a millipede because a millipede can walk. The millipede wished it were a snake because a snake can slither very fast. The snake wished it were the wind because the wind can move even faster. The wind wished it were as swift as eyesight. Eyesight, however, wished it were the mind, since the mind can move in less than an instant.

The mind is the swiftest of all things.

The point is that, when comparing yourself with others, since there’s always someone better than you at something, don’t be overly inflated, and since even the greatest have weaknesses, don’t be overly self-critical. As it is said, “A foot has its shortness; an inch has its length.”

A fable illustrates this.

Once, a little mouse wanted dearly to be strong and brave. Looking up at the sky one day, the mouse was struck by its vastness and thought that the sky must be the strongest thing that there was. It called out, “Sky, you must not be afraid of anything. I’m so very small. Could you help me be strong and brave?” The sky replied, “I am afraid of some things. I’m afraid of dark clouds. When they cover me up, I can’t see anything.” So the little mouse concluded that dark clouds were even stronger than the sky. It found a dark cloud and said to it, “Cloud, you can cover the sky and block out the sun. You must be the strongest thing in the world. You must not be afraid of anything. I’m so very small. Could you help me be strong and brave?” The dark cloud said, “I am afraid of strong winds. I work hard to cover the sky, but when the wind comes, I’m blown away.” So the little mouse went to the wind with the same question. The wind answered, “I am afraid of walls. I can’t go through them, so walls are stronger than me.”So then, of course, the little mouse went to see a wall and asked, “Wall, you can stop the wind. Are you the strongest thing in the world?” The wall’s answer stunned him: “Not at all. What I’m most afraid of are mice! They can make holes in me, and enough of those can make me collapse.”The little mouse rolled over in astonishment. “I’ve looked everywhere, searching the world for the strongest thing, but it turns out that actually it is me!”

It is a mistake to look at the strengths of others and conclude that we’re worthless. Often we don’t realize how powerful we are.

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Apex Predator

Because a tiger is the apex predator; and it must remain so for the greater balance of the nature.

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In J. R. R. Tolkien’s fictional world of Middle-earth, Mordor is the strong hold of Sauron, the arch-villian. As per the fiction, Mordor was located in the southeast of northwestern Middle-earth, east of the great river Anduin.

Mordor had two meanings: “Black Land” in Sindarin, and “Land of Shadow” in Quenya.

This picture is perhaps the closest feeling of Mordor, I ever happen to come across.

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Happy New Year

May the light inside each one of burn birghter than ever!

Happy New Year!