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Let There Be Light!

In our dark moments we cry; let there be light!
Light to show us the way; light to shine before all others!
Light to see through darkness; light to change all staleness!
The future is always truly uncertain; let there be light!

Light to shine on the snares of darkness; light to take steps with calmness!
Light for us to see our paths well; light for us to understand your ways well!
We do not know who is coming in the darkness; let there be light!
Light to blindfold the attacker; light to change the sinner!

Light to give us power; light to make all things better!
We need freedom to do your work; let there be light!
Light to free us from bondage; light to escape attackers’ carnage!
Light to lead us into your sonship; Light to empower our sonship!

Light to enlighten our understanding; light to overcome misunderstanding!
Light to withstand strongholds; light to empower our goals!

Let there be light!

Let there be light!

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The Darkness Falls

As The Darkness Falls,
The Shadows Come Out To Play.
Now Enjoys Its Freedom,
Which Is Hidden During The Day.

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Winter Monday

One of those winter Monday morning

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Sunday Time

Time flows in a strange way on Sunday

~ Hauki Murakami

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Is the weekend already here?

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Only they need the tusks!

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The Way She Looks At Me!

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Peeking Into The Frame

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The Lavender Garden

I’d like to see the red
Of the roses in full bloom.
I’d like to see the silver
Of sun’s reflection on the moon.

I’d like to see the blue
Of the ocean when it’s roaring.
I’d like to see the brown
Of the eagle when it’s soaring.

I’d like to see the purple
Of grapes hanging on the vine.
I’d like to see the yellow
Of the sun in summertime.

I’d like to see the russet
Of the chestnuts on the tree.
I’d like to see the faces
Of those that smile at me.

~ The Lavender Garden

Wising everyone a very Happy Holi; let the colors never fade out.

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Peek – A – Boo