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Garden Of Eden

On a rainy night, and as nature has it own ways, she arrived in all her glory. I have always been mystified, how nature always puts the God’s own child through the stormiest of night. A royal blood, whose naturally was to choose royalty, she had more admiration for the swords and blood. Curiosity took her often to the edges of darkness, only to be called back in her mother’s lap. Yet those days, instigated in her a strong resolution to go beyond the darkness.

Youth brings in a storm in blood. And she was a warrior. At those tender years, she craved for her own palace, an absolute world which she can create, break and create again. All in her own wish and will. Her soft feet set the trails on fire, her attitude put the boldest to shame. A tireless storm she was, uprooting everything in her cyclone of life. As she her, so did her hunger to reach the top. She flew her victory flag, even before she saw the war. She may have been the quietest, but her prayers moved mountains.

What happens when a seed of motherhood gets planted into a rebellious soul? And as the Mother Nature would have wanted, one day she lead the path to new lives; lives which will always carry her blood. She became calm, not because the taste of blood went dry, but she has learnt to control the hunger. She went to every extent, often breaking the unseen rules of royalty and feminine. After all, she is the one, whose inner God, was greater than all the giants she faced. Every one wants to have a history of their own; she always wanted to create a legacy. And as she realises that her stories will be passed down the years, she has perhaps found peace. Now she just resides, in her garden of Eden.

She came in this world with a name which itself means “in all glory”. She has a name,¬†Cleopatra.

But we prefer calling her just Maya.

Kill Machine

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

You eat veg, put on pounds of mass, have mood swings, kill at will, kill for fun and again eat grass. Not sure if any other animal can even be be reckoned with the hippo.

Trust The water

Lingamala Waterfalls, Mahabaleshwar

Listen to your gut. The pull. Don’t be afraid. If you can’t stop thinking about it, then you want it, have wanted it, and will continue to want it. Dive straight in and ride it out.The wave will carry you. Simply trust the water.

~ Victoria Erickson



3 inches. That’s how big these teeth can get.

Burn The World

Matunga Hill, Hampi

And someday we will burn this world down, to turn it into the place we dreamt of.

I am myself

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

I am strength by action; not by risk.

I am a thespian by shrewd play; not by happening.

When you slept and enjoyed the hourglass of beingness, I have spread myself in the darkest corners.

I don’t hold time for you or for your time or your dump!

You laugh at my experience today; you will have sleepless night to guess how I am going to end this.

Today you sit fighting dogma of a normal life; my life starts beyond the comfort zone….right where your ends.

You don’t even have courage to venture where I have molded myself.

Yes I am proud, I am self-praising and I am a narcissist. And why not?? There is no one to outperform me.

I am raw, I am inhumane, I am overt. I am living factual, I am hero and fortified!!

I am myself

I am Me

I am Being Me